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Apology, and news update

Fellow travellers, I am deeply sorry for not updating this blog for so long. But I will resume posting here again from time to time.

And I do know that you will be very pleased to know that I have been active in cyberspace lately. Yes, I have built a website, which I will use to promote my spiritual services for the betterment of personkind.


Racism and capitalism

Fellow travellers, we have long known that capitalism and racism are inextricably connected. Here is yet another example: Witch doctors in Tanzania think that the body parts of albinos are somehow magical. They use them in wealth-creating rituals, a practice that has lead to numerous killings of the more melanin-challenged members of the local community.


I find it deeply disturbing that these wise people have been so corrupted by AmeriKKKa's aggressively promoted myth about whiteness conferring wealth.


We can only hope that the downfall of extreme capitalism that is currently occurring will stop this racist association being the dominant paradigm, and such tragic acts of imperialistic barbarism will finally cease.


Gender stereotyping

Appalling reich-wingers continue to claim that institutionalised sexism doesn't exist anymore. Excuse me? Take the Iguana-gate affair. Would there have been even the slightest interest in this matter had Belinda Neal been a male?


Of course not.


And remember all the mockery of Ms Neal for saying, "Don't you know who I am?". No man in politics would have received such criticism if he'd said it. (And no man would have needed to say it anyway, because people would have known who he was.)


In any case, this seemingly aggressive attitude is quite understandable from a woman in politics. She has been routinely ignored; treated as second class citizen by the political patriarchy for decades. She shouldn't be excoriated for such demands; she should be celebrated for them!


Of course many other media attacks on her have been sexist in the extreme. But sassy as always, she continues to fight on. For instance, understandably affronted by an appalling item in the Murdoch rag The Australian in which it was claimed "she wears the pants" in her relationship with her signifcant other, she is complaining to the Press Council.


I hope she finds justice. I also hope that John Della Bosca lodges a claim of his own, because it implies that he doesn't wear anything!

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